Original Music

Darn That Dream

This is my first long-format composition that I've had recorded. Some of the tracks (Heads Up, Brass Tacks) started as high-school jam sessions with my brother Eric. The others I wrote at Queen's during my undergrad where I met Terry and Tim, who play on the album. I met the producer Brian while at Recording Arts Canada and he took the project from dream to reality.


  • Tim O'Reilly—bass guitar
  • Terence Vince—keyboards
  • Eric Hanenberg—drums
  • Brian Nevin—additional percussion, synths
  • Scott Hanenberg—guitars, arrangements

Prelude and Scherzetto

A short, two-movement piece for violin and piano that I wrote for my friend Roslyn Green (later a co-member of The C'mons). This is her performing with pianist Gergely Szokolay.

Recorded at Grayson Matthews, Toronto on June 30th, 2011.

Thanks to Ben Swarbrick and Stephen Stepanic for help with the mix.

Woodwind Trio

I wrote this piece in my second year at Queen's. It was first performed February 6th, 2007 at a "Mosaic" series concert. Here it is with new instrumentation, played by three members of Toronto's "Sneak Peek Orchestra."


  • Tim Crouch—Alto Flute
  • Min Sook Kim—English Horn
  • Anthony Thompson—Clarinet

Recorded at Grayson Matthews, Toronto on September 18th, 2011.

The C'mons

"Favourite Worst Enemy"


Places EP © 2014 The C'mons

  • Stephanie Bosch—Vocals, Guitars
  • Roslyn Green—Violins, Synths
  • Scott Hanenberg—Lead Guitar
  • Jamie McDowell—Bass Guitars, Vocals
  • Cory Snider—Drums

  • Produced & Engineered by Charlie Balderston
  • Mixed by Terry Brown
  • Mastered by Peter Letros

Cover Songs

"Before the Earth was Round" (by OK GO)

"Stay" with The C'mons (by Rihanna)

"Semi-Charmed Life" with The C'mons (by Third Eye Blind)

Other Credits

Bestiary on Ivory Hsiang Tu, piano

Bestiary on Ivory: Music from the Animal Kingdom Hsiang Tu, piano | 2020

Pianist Hsiang Tu presents a delightful collection of works from the animal kingdom. Bestiary on Ivory offers a wide-ranging collection from Bolcom and Bartok, through Schumann and Saint-Saens. Hsiang Tu was winner of the Juilliard Concerto Competition, and is currently Professor of Piano at Virginia Tech.

I recorded and mixed this album.